See What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say.

Larry and Diane O. From Waterford.
The teak parquet floors in our home are an integral part of the architect’s vision.
Sadly, they had been “pickled” by the previous owner so they had lost their rich golden tone and looked scuffed and dull. Many of the individual pieces were loose and some were missing.
We wanted to have the floors restored and on a recommendation we called TKHF ( Terry Korth Hardwood Floors,LLC ).
From our first meeting with Terry he understood we wanted to save the floor and offered suggestions on how to do it. He also explained the challenges of working on glued down parquet. First, he would not use his usual equipment; it might vibrate too much and shake all the parquet loose. Then there was the regluing of countless bits of teak before the sanding process could begin. Finally, nothing less then a coat of sealer and 3 topcoats of semi-gloss Poly with light sanding in-between would do. We now have mirror flat floors beautifully restored and finished.
From a practical point of view Terry and Dale would show up when they said they would, clean up every evening and were generally nice to have around. That made the process as painless as we could have hoped. Yes, we would recommend them to a friend (and have).
Important note: It was impossible to accurately estimate our project due to the unknowns of working on glued down teak parquet so we proceeded with a ballpark based on time and materials. Terry kept us informed of the time and cost as he finished each stage, there were no unpleasant surprises. He came in almost exactly on budget.

Paul & Kathy B. From Waterford:
I am pleased to share our experience with Korth Wood Floors. Over the last ten years Terry has installed wood floors in 3 rooms, 2 stairways, hallways and closets. Without exception the work has been perfect. He shows up when he is scheduled proving to be trustworthy and he and his team clean up thoroughly at the end of each day. He has also gone above and beyond to meet schedule and is no stranger to hard work. We enthusiastically recommend his company and wish him well.

Kathy P. From Ledyard:
My name is Kathy and I live in Ledyard. Ever since I bought my house 30 years ago I had wanted hardwood floors. When the time and money finally came I did not shop around. I knew exactly who I wanted to do the floors.
I believe in the power of word of mouth and seeing the work done in the homes of friends.
I called Terry Korth and hired him to install the floors on my first floor.
It was a major job because not only did the old carpet have to be ripped up, but all the furniture, and 89 boxes of books, had to be packed and moved out of two rooms and new sub flooring had to be installed before the wood could go down.
Terry was a joy to have in my home. Not only did he do a beautiful job of installation, but his work ethic and honesty are unmatched. I had no problem going to work and leaving him alone in my home. When I would get home from work the areas were clean and the tools piled neatly. And what is probably his best attribute, something that very few tradesmen do, he returns calls and emails in a timely fashion! And when he says he will be there he actually shows up!!!!! When the first phase of the job was finished and the furniture moved back it was time to repeat the process with two other rooms. I am just waiting and saving up some money to be able to do the kitchen and finish the project. Terry also worked with me and my schedule, allowing me time to do necessary painting and furniture removal before he began. He also gave me excellent ideas for refinishing the stairs and contacts of where to buy my carpet for the upstairs hall and the stair runner.
I was also extremely pleased with the quality of workmanship of the people he recommended. I can honestly say that I could not be more pleased with the quality of workmanship that Terry displayed with my floors, or with his honesty and professionalism.

Ted K. From Old Lyme:
My first encounter with Terry Korth Hardwood Floors was 16 years ago.
The quality of the work is far superior to others I have seen.  
Not only is the work extremely satisfactory, Terry’s professionalism is beyond reproach.
We built our home 47 seven years ago and have been using Terry’s services for the past 16 years, knowing what the results would be.
Our home being 47 years, we will eventually have the rest of the wooded floors refinished by Terry.